P06DD error

Error in Dodge Journey 2013, 3.6 L, P06DD, error in 1 PCM scanner - Powertrain Control Module.
P06DD is Engine Oil Pressure Control Circuit Off Delay.
The yellow check icon on the car panel lit up.

By the way, everything that is not red on the dashboard of the car is not dangerous, you can go.  In yellow, this is not critical information.

How did it happen?

I took the expressway.  Sharply and powerfully picked up speed.  And the yellow engine symbol lit up on the dashboard.
When diagnosing an auto scanner, a P06DD error was detected.

Then the car entered protected mode.  It was not possible to gain high engine revs.  The car was driving, but there was no full engine power.

Problems are a yellow check icon, a yellow engine on the instrument panel.
There is no power in the engine.
You cannot pass the Smoke Check in California.
You cannot get permanent California numbers, only temporary, paper numbers.

How to fix the P06DD code and get your car repaired.

You can reset the error with the scanner, but it will reappear.

Don't Smoke Check until 150 miles have been cleared.

The meaning of this error is to show you that the car diagnoses itself and there is a malfunction now.
Or there was a malfunction, but you have not traveled approximately 150 miles yet.

Important.  This article cannot be used as a guide, always ask your dealer for professional help.

A car can work properly, but it takes time and distance to figure it out.  Ignition on and off cycles.

For example, there was a glitch, but there are no more problems in the car.  The error will disappear by itself.  It takes time and distance, then the car will have new data and there will be no errors.

The oil pump itself will not fail, it is simple and reliable.

In my case, with a sharp increase in engine speed, the operating range of the sensor was expanded.  And he mechanically temporarily jammed.

You can buy a new native oil pump, in the United States it costs $ 140, it has a sensor that goes crazy.

The problem is the cost of replacing the entire pump.  The dealer in Los Angeles costs $ 1,300 to work, which is really expensive.
But, there is nothing that you could not do yourself, since people, like you and me, also work in the services.
What is their advantage in knowledge, which you can also get through the Internet.
And in the lift, and this is important in this case.
Without a lift, it will be difficult, but still possible, to change the oil pump assembly.
An easy option, remove the pallet and unscrew only the sensor.
You can knock it, rinse it and clean it from a special spray can.  It is its jamming in 99% that is the problem.
The second option is to replace one sensor with a new one.  No pump replacement.  That will greatly simplify the work without lifting the car on a lift.  You will need a thermal connection.  A thermal connection is a thermal insulation for a wire.  By cutting the wires of the old sensor, you connect the wires of the new one through a thermal connection.
But if you are in Russia, then do not waste time, contact the service.  It is not difficult to change if there are the right conditions.

Error P06DD does not require urgent intervention and in most cases it is corrected by itself or when replacing the oil pump.

How I fixed the P06DD.

The error went away by itself.  It cost me $ 1.

I needed to go through Smoke Check.  The P06DD error allowed the Smog Check to pass and receive a certificate of compliance.
But the appearance of the check icon on the dashboard did not allow to go through this procedure.

I was resetting the error with a scanner.  But the diagnostics in Smog Check required to drive 150 miles after resetting errors.
The check came on again after 40-60 miles.

How the car recovered.

I got into slow traffic.  There were many cars on the street.  The car drove slowly for over an hour.  The weather was hot.  The machine was running overheated.  And the check icon itself went out and the car began to work in normal mode.
Then I erased all the errors with a scanner and the car has been driving for more than 250 miles now.  Error P06DD no longer exists.


Possibly P06DD error conditions and error recovery conditions.

By changing the engine oil to a cheaper option from a manufacturer unknown to me, I increased the chance of the P06DD error appearing.

Also, I put in an oil filter from a manufacturer unknown to me.

Having sharply increased the engine speed, it caused the sensor to jam.

Ways to Repair the P06DD Code

The sensor has overheated and cleaned itself.

The error is temporary and disappears by itself.  It takes time, a distance of up to 150 miles.
And dumping error scanners.

Use proven oils and filters recommended for your machines.