Children as the basis of any state and the world in general

Fertility is the country's top priority

Children as the basis of any state and the world in general

Many developed countries have stepped up efforts to give due attention to the development of a favorable climate for families with children.

The United States and Russia are among the first countries to take measures to provide and strengthen families with children.

An important role in the development of a highly educated society that values ​​child fertility is to strengthen the integrity and security of one's own country and the world as a whole.

An important role in increasing child fertility is the state's support for large families.

For parents who have taken upon themselves the responsibility of raising a child, society must fully reimburse material costs, and whoever understands this first can count in the future, not only on strong families, but on a powerful state.
Without a younger generation, with increased mortality during a pandemic, society will be doomed.

Only decisive measures to promote the birth rate, and a full return of the cost of the child, we can be confident in the future.

Large families are already endowed with public attention.

Strong leaders make fair decisions about benefits, direct payments, material and social support for large families.

This is a strategic direction, the leaders of Russia and the United States have grasped.

Presidents decisively sign laws on direct payments, in particular, in the United States, regardless of income, families will receive tax-free loans for each child 3000 and children under 6 years 3600 $.

Also, a law was signed on monthly standing payments for each child of $ 250 and $ 350.

The plans would send $ 250 to $ 350 a month to parents of children 17 and younger, with larger payments for children under 6.
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Alyssa Schukar for The New York Times

Both material and moral support for children is a strategically correct step.

Parents who take on the responsibility of raising and caring for children should be equated with heroes who risked their lives for the sake of faith in the future of their country and the world as a whole.
Glory to the heroes.