Welcome to Russia, choose the best car rental

Dear guests

We offer to rent a car in Moscow with unlimited mileage to the destinations of FIFA World Cup Russia.
We have one price on all our cars.
The price is 40 euro per day
The deposit is 400 euro
Pickup and return place is Russia Moscow Elektrozavodskaya metro station
The cost of delivery of the car in Moscow is 20 euro

My friend

If you like our price you can book a car contacting our English speaking manager Anna using WhatsApp 

 +7 926 8880558 (iMessage Viber WhatsApp)                                                     


You need to send the photos of your passport, driving license (both sides), the address of your booked hotel.

Contact Anna if you have any questions

We are happy that you come here, I’m sure you’ll like my country, it’s nice and beautiful.

Our Traffic Laws are same as at your home.

Please, drive carefully, there are the cameras everywhere in the streets.

I’ll try to help and tell you about the main rules:

- Do not drive to the special lanes for public transport(they can be used by the buses and taxis only). If you drive there you will have to pay 50 euro for every 100 meters, because the cameras are on all these lanes. Just don’t drive to these lanes and everything will be good;

- Do not leave the car in the places where there is no parking, all parking in Moscow need to be paid. Do not forget to pay parking. Even if you make a short time stop it will be penalty of 50 euro.

- The speed limit in the city is 60 kilometers per hour, and in the countryside is 90 km/h but be attentive to the road signs, they can change the speed limits.

- Never leave the car on the lawn or on the sidewalk

- The penalty for the stopping on the lawn is not right but it is 5000 euro


Don’t be afraid of our policemen, they like to talk and listen.


Rent a car in Moscow


 +7 925 5076447 (iMessage Viber WhatsApp)